• Recognising the importance of higher agricultural productivity to improving the livelihoods and socio-economic conditions of smallholder farmers (SHFs), SEFAA aims to provide appropriate growth funding to enterprises whose activities enhance the business ecosystem and/or income opportunities for SHFs.


  • SEFAA financing is intended to generate the greatest, sustainable positive impact for SHFs through higher incomes and job creation.

Fund Features


Fund Launch Date: 2021
Fund Size: USD ($) 24 million
Investment Instruments: Primarily debt funding, but with flexibility to make equity and quasi-equity investments
Investment Ticket Size: $300,000 to $2.4million
Investment Focus: SEFAA invests in Social Agricultural Enterprises (“SAEs”) and or intermediaries that:

  • Increase productivity of smallholder farmers or other SAEs.
  • Address market access limitations and information asymmetries for smallholder farmers or other SAEs
  • Offer agricultural finance adjusted to the specific needs and production cycles of smallholder farmers or other SAEs

Other Fund Features: A separate Technical Assistance Facility that supports portfolio companies with building of management capacity, product certification, market research, ESG, and development of smallholder farmer out-grower networks.